Sheet Metal In Rochdale - Services

Sheet Metal In Rochdale - Services
We have full Mig, Tig, and spot-welding facilities on our shop floor.

Light-gauge galvanized ductwork is generally used in the ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Airflow UK can provide either fully manufactured or flat pack projects.

We manufacture rectangular, circular or flat-oval duct items which are profile-cut using the latest plasma cut machinery and software.

We employ fully skilled sheet metal workers who along with our in-house trained fabricators have years of experience in the sheet metal industry.

All ductwork is manufactured to DW/144 standards - details are available from HVCA.

Apart from ductwork, our engineering staff can manufacture all types of light or medium-gauged fabrications, i.e. guards, cantilevers and brackets.

Our factory is fully equipped to provide quality products at competitive prices and is situated on the outskirts of Manchester.

We also supply all aspects of air movement equipment, including grilles, dampers, flexible ductwork, fans and attenuators.

Airflow UK also specialises in kitchen extract systems, canopies and equipment.

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